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APRACA Strategic Plan for 2013-2018
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APRACA is the organization on rural and agricultural finance that helps promote productivity, inclusive growth, self-reliance, and welfare of the rural poor in the Asia-Pacific region.


To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of rural finance and improve access to financial services through a network of knowledge sharing and learning, capacity-building, research  and exchange of expertise 

Core values

Strategic objectives

  1. Foster collaborative sharing of innovations, best practices and knowledge solutions in agricultural financing and rural development;
  2. Promote better understanding of financial, monetary, banking and economic development issues particularly as they relate to agriculture and  rural sectors through training and research; 
  3. Facilitate mobilization and deployment of experts from APRACA members and non-member institutions for the conduct of consultancy services in support of the APRACA’s  objectives and programs;
  4. Encourage greater dissemination and use of high-quality knowledge on rural and agricultural finance through publications;
  5. Enhance partnerships and networks for expanded sharing, learning and dissemination of knowledge on agricultural finance and rural development;  and 
  6. Strengthen APRACA’s organizational and financial capacity for effective, efficient and  sustainable operations.
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