APRACA Newsletter Vol. 4 Issue 3

  • Secretary General, APRACA was invited by Government of Sarawak State, Malaysia

  • Activities of APRACA Secretariat  

    - Exposure visit of Nepali Parliamentarians and Government Officials
      to Thailand to understand the best practices of Cooperative sector
      supervision and regulation
    - Study Visit of the Officials from Nepal to understand the Value Chain
      Development and Finance in Thailand
    - Training and learning visit to Thailand on Agricultural Value Chains by HIMALI
      Project officials of Nepal
    - Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project (PM-AMP), Nepal visited Thailand
    - APRACA Secretary general was invited to speak during the conference of
      Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting (APEC 2017)
    - APRACA hosted the study visit and attachment of Mr. A.R. Samal,
      General Manager of the Reserve Bank of India
    - The AgriFin facility of the World Bank and APRACA jointly organized one
      E-workshop on knowledge management in agricultural finance
    - Technical support provided by APRACA to organize International ToT AgVCF
      by AFRACA in Abuja, Nigeria
    - APRACA Secretary General was invited by the World Bank to speak on the
      Global Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture, London, UK
  • APRACA in News

  • News from APRACA Member Institutions 

    -  ACPC joins hands with the Department of Agriculture (DA), Philippines
       to implement the PLEA in order to enhance the reach to the Farmers and
       Fisherfolk in Pitogo, Bohol
    - National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) organized Joint Workshop on
      “an Implementation Plan for Embedding Financial Education within the
      National School Curriculum” and hosted bilateral meeting with
      the State Bank of Viet Nam 

  • Advertisement for International conference and 69th EXCOM of APRACA to be held
    in New Delhi during 16-18 December 2017 


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