APRACA Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 4


  • 67th EXCOM meeting and 20th General Assembly of APRACA on 10-11 November 2016

  • Activities of APRACA Secretariat  

    - Regional Policy forum on Emerging opportunities and Challenges of Financial Inclusion in Asia-Pacific Region 
    - Visit of Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Development Bank Ltd. to APRACA and BAAC, Bangkok 
    - ACLEDA Bank Plc, CREDIT, and SAMBAT Finance 
    - APRACA Co-hosted 5th World Congress on Agricultural and Rural Finance 
  • Activities of IFAD Grant Project “RuFBep”  
    - Agricultural Value Chain Finance Training
    - Visit to the Nanjing Agricultural University
    - CFPA Microfinance Institution  
  • Knowledge Series 4 

    - Glossary of the Terminologies being used in 7 Agricultural Value Chain Finance: 

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