Birth of APRACA
Establishment of APRACA Agencies
Major programmes conducted under the auspices of development agencies
APRACA Chairmen and Secretary Generals
APRACA Strategic Plan
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Message from Vice Chairman
Executive Committee Members
APRACA Regulations
List of General Assemblies
List of members
How to join APRACA
How to join APRACA
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Membership Application/Admission Process

  1. Submission of the Membership Application: A potential member submits the membership application to APRACA Secretariat with transfers of Annual membership fee and admission fee
  2. Review of the Membership Application: APRACA Secretariat reviews the membership application
  3. Approval by the Executive Committee Members: APRACA Executive Committee Members reviews and approves the membership application at its regular meetings
  4. Notification of Membership Admission: APRACA Secretariat informs the applicant institution of the approval of membership application by the Executive Committee of APRACA

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